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Fitness is more to me than just a hobby; it’s my job! And I don’t even like to call it a job, because it doesn’t feel like work at all. I own Break Free Fitness, a training and coaching business that I run out of my home. I am incredibly blessed to be able to work for myself and be my own boss, while helping people and doing what I love. I love sharing this part of my life through the blog.

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My Story:

I was never overweight but never fit when I was growing up. I was what you would call “skinny-fat.” I had no knowledge of working out or eating healthy. Thankfully I was very active as a kid. I grew up on a farm and had daily chores. For fun I was always running or biking around outside. Fast forward several years; I married my high school sweetheart soon after graduating high school. About a year later I started attending Dordt College with my husband. While there I started going to the gym with him and fell in love with it. It felt like there had been a missing piece of my life that I discovered there. We got up early and made the 40 minute drive to school early enough to workout before our morning classes. Often I would bring homework and sit at the tables by the track; I simply loved the atmosphere.

A couple of months after starting college, and right when I was beginning to see a bit of progress at the gym, Jesse and I were blessed with a life-changing positive pregnancy test. Since I hadn’t been working out long, and I was terrified of hurting the baby, I quit working out. (I shouldn’t have!) I continued to come to the gym and walk around the track. Fast-forward again, I finished my first and only year of college and had Camden a couple of months later. I still had no knowledge of clean eating and had eaten my previous diet of whatever I wanted my entire pregnancy. I also used food to cope with some depression and other things going on in my life. Long story short, I gained way too much weight and found myself 25 pounds more than my pre-pregnancy weight. I remembered the gym and how it made me feel, and a couple of months after Camden was born, I asked Jesse to help me start working out again. I spent hours and hours researching and reading everything I could find about health and fitness. I worked out with a passion and soon was more fit than I ever had been. Before my fitness journey, I would have told you it was impossible. I knew that there had to be so many others out there who were still thinking their goals were impossible. I knew fitness had become one of my passions and callings. I became a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2015 and I have worked a variety of training jobs to gain experience. I left my other jobs at the end of 2015 and started my own business, Break Free Fitness. Since then, I became pregnant with and had Zander. Having a fit pregnancy was such an amazing experience, and I loved sharing that journey through social media.

My Mission:

I’m a wife, and a mom. My body has gone through the process of pregnancy and birth and my body definitely bears evidence of that, which will always be a part of me. I have friends, hobbies, and a life outside of fitness. I do not currently compete at anything in any capacity. I don’t have a gym membership; all of my workouts happen in our little garage gym at home. I am passionate about helping people who desire to be healthier and happier while balancing all of the important things in life. You don’t need to be a trainer or fitness model to be fit and confident. I believe in helping people make health and fitness a priority, but in a sustainable, long-term way that ensures you don’t just lose the pounds, but they stay off for good.