About Me


Hi sweet friend! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog! My name is Stephanie and I’m so glad you’re here. Allow me to introduce myself! I’m a twenty-something wifey to my high-school sweetheart Jesse, and we have two beautiful little boys named Camden, age 4, and Zander, 8 months. Being a boy mom keeps me on my toes and they being us such joy!

We live in the midwest, Iowa to be exact. I’m a small town girl with an enormous travel bucket list, but I love living here, and I believe there’s no better place to be raising my babies. I am a certified personal trainer and recently ran a successful in-home training business, which I stepped away from to take up this blogging thing full time. Health and fitness continue to be important to me and I continue to share my passion through writing (another thing I love doing!). I love style and beauty and dress up when I can, which isn’t as often as it used to be now that I have little kiddos. A mama just has to do the best she can! I believe in living life with excellence and being your best self in everything from health to relationships, but also being full of grace towards others as well as yourself. Last but most importantly, I’m a Christian, which governs my philosophies for all that I am and aspire to be.


Meet my handsome boys!

Jesse is my husband of five years. We began dating in high school; I was a junior, he was a senior, and we lived 2 hours apart. We were set up on a blind date and have been enraptured with each other ever since. Jesse is my better half; he is the grounding rock of the family, the strong and steady one. He is an extrovert and never passes up the chance for good conversation. He loves fitness and health (almost) as much as I do. He loves golfing, sports, sampling craft beer, and of course, his family.

Camden is our crazy energetic, rambunctious, and social 4 year old son. He is incredibly outgoing and everyone (and I mean EVERYONE; taking him out in public is a little scary) is his friend. He is a pretty typical boy; he loves anything that makes loud noises or has wheels, and he inherited his father’s fascination with dinosaurs. He says the funniest things and makes us laugh every day. Camden has and continues to make me a better person, inside and out.

Zander was newly added to our little family in February! He is the sweetest little thing and we are all so in love with him. He is always happy and full of smiles. He is very strong already, and is going to be a little mover just like his brother. We feel so blessed that God entrusted us with these two little boys to raise for Him!