Hello Again!

Hi everyone! My last post was at 31 weeks pregnant, and now my baby is going to be three months old in ten days! So, it’s safe to say I took a break from blogging! This was due to a few reasons. First, my business has continued to grow. Second, obviously adding a new baby to my plate filled it up, A LOT. Between training clients and family duties, I haven’t had time for blogging or even social media; my FB, IG, and Snapchat have been pretty quiet! It’s something I really enjoy, however, and I miss writing, so I’m going to put forth a serious effort to start devoting time to the blog again. I’ll just have to accept the fact that my life is chock full of distractions and that articles might sit in my drafts for a few months before they get published, lol.

Here’s what you can expect to find here! First, the design is different. I’m a perfectionist and I also love to mess with graphic design and website design, so I have put off actually writing content so many times because I want to wait to publish things until the site looks perfect. Unfortunately, my focus for the site, and my business, seem to be constantly changing as I grow and change as a person, and as I seek God’s will for these areas of my life, so I always feel the need to change the feel and design of the site. (Lol, sometimes I think I should start a second blog that I have just as a digital playground for designs.) I forced myself to choose a simple template that I am going to leave as-is for the time being, and force myself to focus mainly on actually writing content. That’s not to say I’ll never change it again, as I’m sure I will continue to tweak things. You may come here and find the site to have a completely new look sometime; just know that Stephanie was having fun creating images again. 🙂 OK, second item of note is the content focus. I’ve always gone back and forth between having a personal blog/website or one focused specifically on fitness. I’ve decided to categorize myself, for the time being, as a Christian lifestyle blogger, who does blog a lot about fitness because it’s a huge part of my lifestyle. And the Christian part boldly out front, because I don’t have to explain that as Christian, that’s the most important part of who you are as a person. And lifestyle, because that’s a vague catch-all word that covers anything I might want to write about, whether it’s a workout, how I decorated a room in my house, a Bible study that I’m doing, or something I learned as a parent.

Truth is, I’m very excited and a bit nervous. I’ve had a lot of practice putting myself out there in different ways, but it’s still hard when it comes to sharing stuff this personally. But I feel a calling to do it, and I truly enjoy it. Plus, I don’t even know if anyone even reads this. (Hi Mom and Ashley!) But I’ve been trying to follow God’s callings for my life and what He wants from me, rather than what I want for myself, and I do feel like this is something I’m supposed to do. I’m still figuring out why, or what I have to offer. My life is very far from perfect. It’s pretty messy. But it’s very richly blessed, and a testament of His goodness and faithfulness.

(Whew, that was a pretty deep paragraph, definitely more in depth than I’ve shared before. But I did it, self-high-five! Deep breath. OK, moving on!)

So, hopefully I will be sharing new posts in the near future! I’m going to start with smaller publishing goals and work up from there. I’ve learned that as a mom of two with a home business, that nothing really ever goes how you initially plan. But I’m excited to be back! Thank you for taking the time to read my rambling! I hope your day is as blessed as mine.



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