Fit Pregnancy #Bumpdate: 31 Weeks

Almost 32 weeks as I type this, but who’s counting. ME, THAT’S WHO! 🙂

Here are some 31 week pics that I shared on Instagram:

Both pictures taken at 31+1. Obviously still hitting those workouts.
A transformation pic for you! The difference between these two pictures is the biggest yet. I can hardly believe it. And WHAT is going on with my face in the right pic?!?! LOL! I thought about putting a sticker over it or something, then decided I’m a big girl and not that insecure.

Size of baby: measuring over 16 inches and around 3 and 1/3 pounds; compared to a coconut.

Diet: Doing well! I’ve had a few days were I ate more junk than usual thanks to family functions and parties and the like, but once home, I am always right back on track. My body also handles a few “cheat meals” really well. My high produce intake and maintained metabolism keep me from feeling bogged down for very long.

Workouts: Still happening! I definitely am not hitting more than three lifts per week though. My aching core and pelvis make workouts out of the question some days. But thankfully it’s not a daily occurrence and I’ve still been able to keep going. I just listen to my body carefully each day and go from there. I think I mentioned this in my last post, but workouts are total body circuits from here on out.

How I’m Feeling: Like I said last week, pregnant! Overall, pretty much the same as last week. Same aching muscles and tendons. Still peeing 2-3 times per night. Still dreaming like craaaazy. Still hate bending over to tie my shoes. Slowly experiencing more shortness of breath. Basically, experiencing all of that completely normal third trimester stuff that’s only going to keep getting worse as the weeks go by. The one thing I have not experienced yet, that I can feel anyway, are Braxton Hicks contractions.

What Baby’s Up To: Accumulating fat, of course, as he will keep doing from now until birth. I’ve felt some hiccups this week. Movements have slowed down, but it honestly depends on the night. Some nights its what I would call average, and some nights he will roll, kick, and squirm like CRAZY for very long periods of time. It’s comical watching my belly, and if you know how to feel for it, you can sometimes feel a foot or knee protruding. Jesse thinks it’s pretty neat.

Doctor’s Appointment: I had an appointment last Friday. Everything looked great. I know the symptoms I’m having are normal, but I still like to talk to my doctor about them, even if it’s just to understand why. She said that the pains and aches throughout my pelvis and core are simply my body getting ready for the big day (EEEKK!!!). I just don’t remember experiencing it this early or this much with Camden. Mayyyyyyybe that means this baby will come a bit earlier rather than a bit later???? Not getting my hopes up though. 😉 From now on, my appointments are two weeks apart until we hit 36, at which point they will be weekly. It is feeling much more close, which is so exciting!

Thoughts and Reflections: I got to meet my friend’s brand new baby yesterday, and it was a dose of reality of what I get to look forward to. I always forget how tiny they start out! It made me even more anxious for February. I am starting to think more about all of the preparing I’m going to do once we hit the new year. I’m mentally composing a list of clean food I’m going to prep for the freezer. I didn’t cook and freeze anything with Camden, and I definitely will be this time around. I’m also compiling a baby shopping list, since we need to get pretty much everything but the crib. The hospital bag and Camden’s overnight bag will also have to be packed, and I’m going to make a big run to Costco when I hit 37-38 weeks so we are stocked up on food and essentials. Other than mental preparation, I’m also feel ready to be done with pregnancy. For the first time this past week, I finally mentioned to Jesse that I was ready for the pregnancy to be over. I’m really itching to train hard again, have my body to myself, and of course meet this precious human who has been growing in there. I can’t wait for the excitement of heading to the hospital and the brand new baby snuggles. I’m also really excited to experience the dynamic of having ‘kids’ instead of simply one. Every once in a while I say it out loud… “I’m going to have kids.” The plural version sounds so different! It makes me feel strangely grown-up. It will be very interesting to see how Camden adjusts, too.

As always, I have a thankful heart for how great this pregnancy has been, and continue to pray for health and strength for my final weeks.

Until next time!


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