Fit Pregnancy #Bumpdate: 30 Weeks

I’ve been getting behind a bit! I’m 30 weeks+4 days as I write this.

Here are pictures taken from my Instagram from the past 2 weeks.


Transformation: Camden’s pregnancy vs. this one!
This one is a great facial comparison if you refer to the last photo.



Size of baby: 15.7 inches/about 3 pounds; compared to a summer cantaloupe.

Diet: Still doing great! I noticed I get full much faster now that munchkin is taking up so much room in there. There have been a few days where my appetite isn’t much either, but I eat a small portion of something at my scheduled times anyway to support my metabolism and provide necessary calories to both my body and baby boy’s.

Workouts: Still going strong, but I’ll be switching from a body-part split training style to doing all total-body workouts. I am choosing exercises that I feel I should be able to do until my due date. I’ve been feeling a lot of aching in my stretching abdominal muscles and tendons, and I don’t want to strain something or worsen the diastasis recti.

How I’m Feeling: Pregnant! Haha, it’s just the best word to use. I feel as if my belly has definitely grown considerably in the past couple of weeks. Bending over has become very uncomfortable. Like I mentioned, I’m feeling lots of aching due to things stretching out. I also have some lovely varicose veins and a couple of small dark blotches on my legs. Thank goodness it’s winter! I also get tired faster when I’m on my feet. Small breaks with sitting are sometimes needed. Sleep has become more unpredictable in the past couple of weeks. I still dream on a nightly basis and I get up twice to pee throughout the night. Some nights I barely get any sleep. I just remind myself that this is what having a newborn will be like anyway! I was getting up early for a while in my second trimester, but that isn’t as frequent now. I allow myself to get the sleep I need and do my best not to feel guilty about it. Despite these completely normal pregnancy symptoms, I still feel like I am doing great and feel very blessed.

What Baby’s Up To: Getting bigger and bigger! His brain is really developing, the lanugo hair is beginning to disappear, and he now has the proportions of a newborn. It’s so fun to watch the entire surface of my belly writhe and roll when he gets really active. I’ve noticed that movement has decreased just a little bit compared to a few weeks ago, which is totally normal as there isn’t nearly as much space to move around in. He still moves a good bit though, and filling kick counts is never hard, so I’m not concerned.

Doctor’s Appointment: The results of the follow-up ultrasound were great; everything looked fine and my placenta had moved up to a normal location! The baby was still measuring a bit small, projecting my due date to be the 15th rather than the 9th, but my doctor said there can be up to 10 days of difference and they aren’t going to move my due date. My next appointment is coming up on Friday this week.

Thoughts and Reflections: Less than 10 weeks to go! I’m starting to notice other peoples’ cute babies everywhere I go and long for the moment I can hold mine. I am looking forward to my appointments becoming more frequent as that’s always a sign of the time getting close. I’m focusing on enjoying these last weeks as much as I can, and am thankful that I feel this good even in the last trimester. I am eating healthy, working out, and making sure I listen to my body. My doctor has been very happy and supportive and for that I’m thankful as well. Praying for continued good health through these next weeks!



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