Fit Pregnancy #Bumpdate: 27 Weeks

The weeks just keep flying by! 27 down, only 13 more to go. The number of weeks that are left is starting to sound small. In a week we’re in the third trimester! And with all of the holidays and our anniversary ahead, it’s going to go so quickly. So here’s what’s been up since my last update two weeks ago!



How cute is that “Lifting For Two” shirt?! Cutest fit preggo swag ever.

Size of baby: Bunch of bananas or a rutabaga. Baby measures 14.5-15 inches long and weighs in at 2 pounds. My update from two weeks ago stated my uterus was the size of a soccer ball. Two weeks later it’s measuring in at basketball size. It definitely feels like there’s a basketball in there when I bend over to tie my Nike’s. 🙂

Diet: At home it’s been excellent. This past weekend was my birthday, and we took a trip to the cities with Stan and Ashley to celebrate (Ashley’s birthday is two days after mine). I feel I did a great job of balancing treats and yummy food with healthy meals and moderation. I’m really happy with how well I did on the trip. And as soon as we got back home, things were back to normal. In fact, be on the lookout for a new week of eating post!

Workouts: No changes there, still going great. Some movements and exercises are beginning to feel more awkward with my growing bump, though.

Clothes: Still wearing and buying normal clothing. In the picture above, taken today, I’m wearing a maternity shirt for the first time. Even though I don’t need to, it’s just such a cute shirt, and my belly is big enough that it doesn’t look odd. I’m thankful to be pregnant though the winter this time around; it’s made buying and wearing normal clothes so much easier! There’s so much cute stuff that I can buy in my normal sizes that fits cute over my bump, but that will definitely work next year, too. For example, cute short dresses and tunics with leggings!

How I’m Feeling: Amazing! Sleeping on the couch the last few weeks has helped. I really missed my couch when we were in the cities and I slept on a hotel bed for two nights. My back was in quite a bit of pain. Walking miles in cute shoes while we were shopping probably didn’t help that too much. 🙂 But after a couple of nights back home on my couch and getting some decent sleep, we are back to minimal back pain during the day.

What Baby is up to: He is taking up some serious room in there! It’s so fun to watch my belly bulge and move. While we were on our trip, Jesse and Ashley got to feel lots of kicks. Ashley even got to feel a prominent butt and foot that was shoved hard against one side. I’m definitely noticing some patterns with what times he is most active. At 27 weeks, his eyes open again, which is exciting! Baby boy can blink! One step closer to being ready to join us.

Doctor Appointment: Next week I’ll have an appointment at 28 weeks. They’ll do the fasted two-hour blood glucose test at this appointment. I’m not looking forward to it as it wasn’t a great experience with Camden. They had to poke me so many times trying to get blood I nearly passed out. And obviously drinking that much sugar on an empty stomach makes a person feel less than great. Oh well, as long as the results are positive! The following week, a few days before Thanksgiving, I have a follow up ultrasound to make sure my placenta has moved up enough and to get better pictures of baby’s spine.

Thoughts and Reflections: I have enjoyed this pregnancy so much. I know I have the most difficult trimester left, but I feel very positive about it. And I am getting SO excited to meet this little man. I picked up some adorable clothes for him on our shopping trip, and I cannot wait to snuggle him in them. Above all, as always, I’m so thankful God has blessed us with a healthy pregnancy thus far, and continue to pray for that and do my part in ensuring I treat my body the best I can.

Until next time!


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