Fit Pregnancy #Bumpdate: 25 Weeks


Picture taken at 24 weeks. I don’t have a good one for 25 weeks, so that will have to do!

Size of baby: 13.5 inches, 1.5 pounds. My uterus is the size of a soccer ball, which definitely seems accurate because my belly is getting a round “definitely pregnant, not fat” look.

Diet: Week 23-24 was very off. The times I was eating as well as what I was eating was not normal. I was extremely tired and felt off. Week 24-25 was completely on point though.

Workouts: Again, week 23-24 was off. I was doing my workouts, but they felt a lot harder for some reason. My energy and strength returned and week 24-25 was great.

How I’m Feeling: As you already read, week 23-24 was not great. I was crazy tired and everything felt off, including eating, workouts, sleep, and moods. I don’t know why, but I just chalked it up to an off week. Week 24-25 was completely the opposite. I had lots of energy, slept great, and my workouts and diet were on point. At week 24, I started sleeping downstairs on the couch. I just couldn’t sleep in bed. I deal with low back pain, and our stiff mattress wasn’t very supportive of my growing belly. As soon as I started sleeping on our cushy microfiber couch, my sleep got much better and my back has been hurting less. My growing belly is also making it more difficult to do things like bend over and tie my shoes. Definitely starting to feel a little more pregnant!

Baby’s Movement: Right after I hit 23 weeks, Jesse and I were home on the weekend. I started to feel baby move and went to lay down right away, hoping he could feel it. And he finally did for the first time! My sister also got to feel it that weekend. The placenta’s location on the front has definitely affected how easy it is to feel on the outside. However, baby has definitely gotten a lot bigger and stronger in the past two weeks, because now it’s pretty easy to feel, and even see. Little boy is very active, especially at night. It’s difficult to fall asleep sometimes.

Doctor’s Appointment: I had a doctor appointment on Friday, October 21, at 24wks+1day. Heartbeat sounded good and I am measuring dead on. I got my follow-up ultrasound scheduled for mid-November. My doctor said that the pictures they did get of baby’s spine looked normal, and that my placenta doesn’t have to move far to be out of the way. Although it should definitely be moved that far, or safety she said they obviously aren’t going to just assume and the ultrasound is to make sure. In other words, everything should be fine. Praying for a good outcome!

Overall, I’m feeling healthy and great. I can’t believe the weeks are flying by this fast. I’m so thankful to God for His amazing goodness in keeping me and baby healthy thus far!


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