Fit Pregnancy #Bumpdate: 20 Weeks

Twenty weeks already! It’s so hard to believe it’s half over, this pregnancy has been flying by. This pregnancy has been fun and easy, as far as pregnancies are concerned.

I’m not really “showing”¬†yet in normal shirts, as you can see in the picture on the left. So on the 20 week day, I put on a compression tank top and snapped a couple of selfies. There’s definitely a little nugget growing in there that’s slowly starting to make an appearance! For the most part, I’m feeling happy and confident in my body and doing a pretty decent job of appreciating the bodily changes that are coming with pregnancy, which is a pretty big thing for me! It’s definitely not how that last pregnancy went.


Baby is the size of: A banana; total body length is 10 inches and weight is around 10.5 ounces.

How I’m Feeling: Wonderful! Happy to be pregnant and really enjoying it.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Back pain, occasional headaches, being more tired than usual. Nothing out of the ordinary!

What I’ve been eating: My diet has been great; lots of balanced, clean meals. When I indulge in treats, I watch portion sizes and very rarely (notice I didn’t say never, not claiming to be perfect here!) over eat. Breakfasts: typically eggs + oats. Lunch/Dinners: pre-prepped meals or a hot meal contained protein, veggies, and a whole grain carb. I’ve been loving Coleman Natural Mild Italian Chicken Sausages lately. They are fun to use in creative ways, and add lots of flavor and interest to a meal that might have been rather boring. Snacks: Dr. Kracker flatbreads + cheese, almonds, popcorn, fruit, almond butter + toast.

Workouts: Still going strong with 3-4 sessions per week. I push myself as hard as I feel is safe and appropriate. I follow a body part split of: chest/triceps/shoulders, back/biceps, legs, and a free-for-all day in which I’ll usually do a total body routine. I haven’t had time to do a ton of cardio lately, but it still feels great when I can squeeze a walk or run in.

Dr. Appointment: I had my 20 week check up on Friday, the 23rd. Heartbeat was 148 and my uterus is flush with my belly button, right where it’s supposed to be at 20 weeks. In addition, I got my second trimester ultrasound scheduled for Friday, September 30! Grandma S. is going to watch Camden while Jesse and I go to the hospital bright and early to get our first peeks at Baby #2. We haven’t completely decided how all of the gender revealing is going to go yet, but it will definitely be written down and stuffed in an envelope. The anticipation will be driving this mama crazy! We can’t wait to find out the gender. We did with Camden too, and we were really happy with that decision.

Thoughts and Reflections: I’m really curious to find out if this little nugget is a girl or a boy! The dynamics of our house are going to change so much regardless, going from having a single child to having two. But it will be interesting to see if Camden gets a brother and the boy atmosphere of the house stays the same, or if we get to experience something new with a little baby girl! Otherwise, my heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness. I’ve been able to stay fit, strong, and healthy, and I am so grateful to God for giving me the blessing of strength to continue leading a healthy lifestyle. I’m thankful he chose me to carry another little person into the world, and I can’t wait to meet baby!

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